A sermon on hell

a)    We have examined who was baptized and what baptism is designed to do.
b)    What if people who need to be baptized are not immersed?
c)    And, what if people who were baptized improperly are not properly baptized?
2)    The short answer to this question is found in the word H E L L.
3)    Hell is a place for those who “obey not the gospel” (2 Thess. 1:8-9).
4)    Since part of the gospel is being properly baptized, those who fail to obey this part of God’s plan will be lost.
5)    Let’s look at some Bible verses on the subject of hell.
6)    Mt. 3:12– READ
7)    The word “thoroughly” is connected with the word “hell.”
a)    Righteous people do not need to be worried about God mistakenly sending them to the wrong place.
b)    Unrighteous people should have no hope that God will somehow let them slip into heaven.
c)    At the end of Mt. 3:12 hell is described as a place of “fire.”
d)    The word “unquenchable” tells us this punishment is unending.
e)    READ  Mt. 5:29
8)    Jesus said the “whole body” will suffer in hell.
9)    Hell is a “total body experience.”
10)    One might think that God would not allow most people to go to hell.
11)          Many preachers stand up at funerals and essentially lie.
a)    Mt. 7:13 – READ
b)    The majority of the human race will not be in heaven.
12)    Mt. 8:12 says hell is a place of “darkness.”
13)    The book of Revelation seems to describe this state as “Armageddon” in Rev. 16:16.
14)    Mt. 10:28 – “fear God” and no one else because only He can send people to hell.
15)    Mt. 13:30, 38 (read verse 38).
16)    People are on the road to hell and do not know it!
17)    2 Thess. 1:9 – READ
18)    Rev. 14:10– READ
19)    Verse 11 – READ
Rev. 19:20 describes some of hell’s future residents and says they are cast in this place “alive.”
20)    Hell is hot, hell is real, and hell has plenty of room for us.
21)    Will we be one of its future residents?
22)    Is our name in the “book of life”?

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