Boy Scouts of America and gay scouts

Well, they did it. The Boy Scouts of America raised the white flag in the culture war with the homosexual community. The 2-3% of homosexuals in America spoke more loudly than the Christians in this country. The BSA decided they would be better off if they welcomed “gays” into their association – as if a child knows he (or she) is gay.

I am no prophet but here is what I see happening in the next few years. Some “gay” boy is going to be harassed in some way, somewhere, at some point. His parents are going to sue the BSA. Either in pre-trial negotiations or from an activist judge, the BSA will be required to begin sensitivity training for their troop leaders and scouts. They may even have to create a “sensitive” badge. There you have it…

The Boy Scouts of America will have gone from refusing to accept homosexuals to tolerating homosexuals, to enabling homosexuals and tacitly endorsing them. That’s the end result of compromise. Gay rights activists are, no doubt, elated at the decision. They know it’s just a matter of time. Homosexual troop leaders will be openly accepted soon.

“Not a hoof shall be left behind!” (Exodus 10:26) That was Moses’ response to Pharaoh when he wanted Moses to compromise. God had commanded Israel to go into the wilderness to worship Him. Pharaoh did not know the Lord and did not submit to Him. So, he argued with Moses: “only let your flocks and your herds remain behind.” No. Moses said. No compromise.

That’s when God brought the death of the first born.

The BSA had been a loud voice for theism and biblical morality. But now, a vote later, they, in essence, voted God out of their platform. He is now a god after their own imagination, no longer the God of the Bible.

As always, the last bulwark against the progression of ungodliness and immorality is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and those (Christians) who will teach it and defend it. We cannot back down. We cannot compromise. We cannot be silent.

Homosexuality is not any worse than any other sin. Yet, its consequences can be longer lasting. Just ask the Roman Emperor. Oh, wait. He doesn’t exist anymore…

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