Why be baptized?

1)    We want to study “why” people were baptized and “what” was accomplished by these baptisms.
a)    We start with Acts 2:38, a passage which refers to people accused of murder.  READ
2)    When people learn this basic Bible truth, they are often encouraged by it – greatly encouraged.
3)    In our next passage (Acts 8) we find an example of this encouragement.
4)    Let’s start reading with verse 6 and then also read verse 12 – READ
5)    Verse 6 uses the words “gave heed.”  Verse 12 says “believed.”  These two things are parallel.
6)    The “things spoken by Philip” (verse 6) are parallel to the “good tidings,” the “kingdom,” and “Jesus.”
7)    In addition to offering the forgiveness of sins (Acts 2:38), it is an act of obedience (Acts 8).

8)    Acts 8:9 – READ
a)    Is it God who is behind Satanism and the occult or is it the devil?  It is the devil.
b)    Simon’s spiritual master was not Jesus Christ prior to his being baptized.
9)    Verse 13a – READ
a)    Simon heard some gospel teaching and “he believed.”
b)    We know from Acts 2:37-38 that this man was on the road to salvation, but faith alone was not enough.
c)    The middle of verse 13 says Simon “continued with Philip.”
d)    Simon’s conversion tells us this man had a change in his spiritual master.
10)    Gal. 3:27 says people are “baptized into Christ.”
11)    People accountable for their actions are either “in Christ” or “out of Christ.”
12)    Some claim they are “in Christ” and then “baptized” at a later time.
13)    If baptism is the act that puts one “into Christ” (Gal. 3:27), how can we be “in Christ” before baptism?
14)    In the next chapter (Acts 9) we read about this man being on a road and how Jesus appeared to him.
15)    Acts 9:6 – READ
a)    Like the people in Acts 2, Saul was told there was something he had to “do.”
b)    This was not a call to any type of meritorious work; he had to obey.

16)    Acts 9:18 says Saul was “baptized.”  Let’s look at Acts 9:13 – READ
a)    This man had sinned greatly.
b)    How were the sins associated with Saul’s persecution going to be forgiven?  Baptism, verse 18.
c)    A second reason for this man’s baptism is found in verse 15 of this chapter – READ
17)    God said Saul was a “chosen vessel” to help promote the Christian faith.

18)    Cornelius was religious; he feared God, gave alms, and often prayed (Acts 10:2).
19)    Acts 10:33 – READ
20)     “ALL” God has “COMMANDED” is another way of saying, “what must we do?”
21)    Peter presented the gospel and the “commanded” baptism in Acts 10:48.

22)    In Acts 16:30 a man asked this question:  What must I do to be saved?
23)    The 33 verse of this chapter says this man was baptized; he was baptized about midnight.
24)    When we realize that baptism is for the forgiveness of sins, it is easy to see why God says it is essential.
25)    Jesus said preach the gospel throughout the world (Mk. 16:15) and baptize people (Mk. 16:16).
26)    Last week we saw just how universal His command was.
27)    Today we understand why He was so emphatic about this point.

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